Welcome to Allied Employer Benefits

At Allied Employer Benefits, Inc. we represent multiple Professional Employer Organizations (PEO). We have expertise in multiple industries from restaurants to car washes to manufacturing and construction.  Most of the PEOs we represent are self-insured or some variation thereof, therefore some of them don’t even have to adhere to work comp experience mods, and can ignore improper classification of employees.  So if you have a manager that may not need to be listed under a high end code, we can list him under a clerical code and possibly save you money that way. Reducing workers' compensation costs increases dollars to the bottom line of your business. In most cases, there are even safety incentive bonuses coming back to your company in as much as 30% of the workers' comp premium.

A co-employer relationship with a PEO provides you with a complete "turn-key" solution to all your employee administrative needs and makes them a part of a larger employer group.  For example, you would have a full human resource department and an up-to-date employee handbook at no additional cost to your company. The PEO would be the employer of record with the government on taxes, therefore we pay all the taxes and workers' comp, handle unemployment and workers' comp claims, all the while providing your employees access to large employer benefits like self-funded health insurance programs.

With that and the work comp savings you can usually work with a PEO and be less expensive, get more benefits, more support and more human resource for less money than you’re spending currently on just hiring a payroll company and buying workers comp on your own.

Advantages of the PEO Solution